Matija has traveled far: he started his musical journey in the Swiss province, where he took his first steps in the scene. Then he moved to the jungle of German capital Berlin and stayed there for 6 years, honing his skills in the craft of producing electronic music. It was during this time that he formed a symbiotic friendship with Dave Dinger, which enriched him both personally and in terms of music production.

Once you've made it in Berlin, Zurich is an easy city to conquer. When Matija returned to Switzerland, he reached out to the renowned Swiss music metropolis. He regularly organized parties at Supermarkt as well as Hive and other well-known institutions, worked as a night manager at Frida's Büxe and Hive, and often performed in those places as a resident DJ.

His high-quality productions of electronic music led to a spread of booking throughout Switzerland and also made him internationally known and appreciated as a renowned self-made DJ.


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