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Mawa macht eine betende Geste. Die Stimmung ist düster. Im Hintergrund Industrie und Himmel. S/W

His music speaks for itself. Passion can be heard through every bar.


Manuel Wassmer found his love for electronic music at a very early date and started to play vinyl in 2006. In Basel, where Manuel lives today, he organized parties with international DJs for over 3 years. With music, he can express himself on the most intimate of levels and dares to trigger emotions that cannot be put into words. Manuel has one aim, for his listeners to feel the energy of the bright light he tries to create.


His vinyl is his most precious, and the combination with his own work forms those unique sets. Manuel sets out to trigger an emotional rollercoaster, striving for a perfection that can never be met, yet his sets will take you on a journey that no words can express.


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