Artists are first of all humans. This is the principal with which k4bookings is committed to the individual interest of the artists represented by this agency. The priorities of the artists are respected to their full extend and therefore frame the range of actions. Both parties meet on an equal footing and create a fruitful climate of interaction. The following artists are proudly represented by k4bookings:


What seems to be just a k determines the philosophy of this small and uncomplicated agency. The k roots from the German word "Kollektiv" and that is what is behind the agency: a collective grown from many years of deep friendship with common ideas, that did not only lead to the founding of k4bookings but also to many colourful events as well as the creation of the LOKD label. The loyalty within the collective and especially the enthusiasm of the humans creating it are the roots to the values of this small agency. Transparency towards all parties involved enables k4bookings to create an environment that suits the artist and not the opposite. This is the characteristic moment that differs k4b from other agencies and hence is the reason why the artists do feel so well represent by k4b regarding all aspects. The familiar environment all well as the friendly atmosphere do sure also play a part in this musical fertile soil.



"Battery acid for breakfast and spits it out in musical form." We couldn't imagine a better fit than Foolik - stoked to have you on board.

Mila Stern

We are super proud to kindly welcome our first female DJ at k4bookings. A heartwarming hug from the whole k4b crew goes out to Mila Stern.😍😍😍

Laut & Luise

Soft, Strong, Melodic & Dancable, a backroom symphony from Arutani.

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