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Bernstein wird von der Sonne im Gesicht beschienen und sthet an einer Hauswand. Es hat Pflanzen.

Bernstein, or amber, is fossilized resin. An inflammable, floating, organic stone. What seems to be an apparent contradiction becomes one.

It is also the vision of a young creative mind from Switzerland, currently living in Berlin, to lure the audience into his vortex of never-ending colours, spherical streams and atmospheres. His sound palette exceeds the standardized deep house and techno sounds by finding timbres and textures through experimental approaches.


During and after his education in electronic music, he is looking for ways of depicting and imitating nature in music, as well as finding meditative sounds through overtones and layers. Whereas his older tracks impressed with poignant melodies on a slower heartbeat, his recent work finds more and more its way to a drone and overtone focussed, ambient influenced techno.

In his live-sets, performed in numerous genre defining international locations, he will bring together the brightest daylight with the deepest darks of the night until you float in zero gravity.



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