AVEM is on a mission to bend musical boundaries to their limits. Born in Basel, Switzerland, he is a vital part of the LOKD-Family; not only a renowned label, but also the local host of one-of-a-kind events. He never misses an opportunity for coherent exploration, often playing his own sounds, always scratching the edges of what can be done.

BPM-counts are no reason not to try the impossible: Electronica, dark driving Techno, just as well as funky House are part of his repertoire. Telling stories is the essential form of his DJ-Sets, but also his own productions. Collaborations are a central part of growing as an Artist and AVEM still adores to play in the duo that kickstarted his interest in DJing: Digitule. This is also where the broad spectrum of his sound shows. Starting as a House/Techno DJ, he found his own style and love for Electronica along the way and decided to start this solo-project. AVEM has been performing Live-Sets since Winter of 2018, premiering at Mira’s Birthday in Kater Blau, Berlin.


DJ & live

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